Bridgewood is currently closed, and the business is not operational at present.

Bridgewood are the UK’s leading vacuum forming company with over 30 years of technical knowhow. Vacuum forming is ideally suited for low to medium volume batch production and is specifically advantageous economically for larger components & assemblies.



Vacuum forming or thermoforming are general terms used to define the manufacturing process in which a plastic sheet is heated to a defined temperature and moulded to a 3 dimensional shape using vacuum and compressed air.

Operating from our Hull based site for over 30 years, Bridgewood UK offer a capability and know-how unrivalled in the vacuum forming industry.


Our team can create plastic products up to a maximum size of 3.5m x 2.5m x 1.0m in a wide range of colour matched sheet material ranging from 1mm to 10mm in thickness.

Typical quantities range from low qty single batch runs to annual volumes in excess of 10,000.

Material specifications include high gloss, matt, smooth and embossed surfaces and can offer fire retardancy, UV stability and chemical resistance to satisfy the performance criteria of the end product.


Our modern 100,000 square foot facility houses a range of cutting edge vacuum forming and 5 axis CNC trimming machinery, along with composite moulding and PU reinforcement facilities.

Work with Bridgewood UK, together we can make a difference.

  • Bridgewood UK is accredited to ISO 9001 quality standard
  • Lower tooling costs in comparison to injection moulding, vacuum forming offers a very cost effective route to manufacture for low to medium volume projects
  • Low cost prototyping
  • Short product introduction lead-times
  • Flexibility on trim and hole details
  • Wide choice and flexibility on colour, finish & material selection


Bridgewood (UK) Ltd are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction through operational excellence.



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