Agricultural businesses need hard-wearing, well designed products they can rely on to perform time and time again, often in difficult conditions.


Bridgewood was approached by a major European agricultural machinery manufacturer to create a bonnet-shaped cover for a mower.

The cover was required to protect mower components from dirt & dust and provide an aesthetically pleasing design.

We worked closely alongside the client to make sure their brief was met every step of the way, and within the required time frame.

In this instance, we were asked to complete the project over a relatively short period. This meant is was crucial for us to use our man hours effectively, and ensure all resources were properly accounted for.

From the outset, it became apparent that the mower hood cover would need to be:

  • Able to sustain multiple uses without compromising quality
  • Resistant to high levels of vibration and mechanical movement
  • Easy to install
  • Perfectly fitted to the surrounding components
  • Simple to maintain

This calls for the expertise of a manufacturer with a vast knowledge of the agricultural sector, such as Bridgewood. Our experience means we’re able to meet clients’ requirements every time and come up with effective solutions to everyday scenarios, as was the case with a recent project.


With some direction from the client, we drew up the initial designs with the use of CAD , before creating the necessary renderings to move the project forward.

The renderings were presented to the client, who approved the design so we could manufacture them as a prototype . It was evident that 3D printing would be useful at this stage of the process, which is something Bridgewood was able to facilitate.

Bridgewood used these prototypes to ultimately carry out fit and function trials. Hard aluminium production tools were manufactured at our facilities to ensure the finished product was in line with the client’s expectations.

The production tools were manufactured within a tight time scale. The major agricultural machinery manufacturer we worked with was due to exhibit at a European event in just three weeks’ time, which gave the project a definite deadline to work towards.


As is often the case, we worked closely alongside our client every step of the way to make sure their needs were met. They had specific requirements from their front mower hood cover, which made it all the more important for them to be actively involved in both the design and manufacturing process.

The finished product was something that met the brief and the deadline, made possible through Bridgewood’s advanced design and manufacturing skills.


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