Transit trays are a core component in many manufacturing environments. Experience has taught us that custom moulding is the most cost effective and reliable way forward when it comes to meeting our clients’ needs in this area. Manufacturers want component trays they can rely on time and time again, and that do the job effectively with the support of dunnage and other methods of securely delivering components.


Bridgewood’s task was to create transit trays for vehicle brake disc components. The client specified two types of handling tray, and we needed to create 3,000 copies of each.

It was evident from the outset that custom made, vacuum formed transit media would be the most appropriate solution, as it enabled us to create a product that fit the brake disc components perfectly.

Among the challenges we had to overcome were:

  • Making sure storage of the transit trays was simple, yet effective
  • Components could be fully protected during transportation
  • Keeping costs under control
  • Durability, especially in situations when dunnage is not in place
  • Ensuring there was sufficient space for each of the vehicle brake disc components


We were able to address a number of these issues by choosing vacuum forming as our preferred production method. Not only did it help ensure consistency throughout the handling trays, but also helped us keep a close eye on quality control.

In order to meet the client’s needs, we put together a conceptual design that outlined how the transit media would look and function. Once we had the official sign off, production could get underway.

We then created a prototype for each of the two designs. Once again, this gave us a firm idea of what the component trays would look like and whether we needed to make any further changes before creating the necessary production tools.

A Ureol prototype section of each tray was initially trialled. This was then followed by a trial run of the machined aluminium tools. Only when we were happy with the results were we prepared to begin actual production.


Bridgewood was ultimately able to provide 3,000 of each of the two types of tray, as the client had requested. We were also given a four-week time frame in which to complete the project – another area where Bridgewood succeeded.

Our approach involved liaising with the client at every stage. We made sure they were happy with the prototypes of the handling trays before proceeding with mass production, which ultimately helped keep costs and quality under control.


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