Bridgewood have invested in a vacuum forming production cell with a view to creating quality products for construction and Agricultural machinery clients throughout the UK and worldwide.


The client required a number of vehicle cab roof variants to be created. This is a process to which the vacuum forming production cell lent itself perfectly.

It was evident from the beginning that a reliable cellular manufacturing process would be necessary. The ultimate aim from the client’s point of view was to ensure quality ran through the entirety of the production process, as the finished product would be distributed in both the UK and South America.


As a world leader in producing thermoformed components , Bridgewood seemed the logical choice for this particular project. This is in addition to the fact Bridgewood have access to a wide range of custom plastic sheet specifications, which were vital to ensuring the roof moulds were tailored to their needs, and manufactured to the highest possible standard.

Bridgewood’s dedicated roof production area was an invaluable resource during this particular contract. It enabled high volumes of work to be carried out, as accommodating maximum output proved to be a core challenge in this instance.

Tough targets were set for the project to ensure demanding costs targets were met. The cost targets required a reduction in labour costs of over 40%, a reduction in start-up time & waste of over 80% and a 98% effective operating efficiency.

The roof moulding production cell technology includes bulk sheet material handling, which automatically drives the output rate at a high level.

The custom forming machine proved a crucial component in the process, allowing for the intricacies of each vehicle cab roof mould to be taken into consideration. The bespoke vacuum forming service meant the client’s individual needs could be met at every stage of production, while still ensuring economic viability.

The custom-designed CNC 5 axis twin shuttle table trimming machine was also a key part of the production process. It meant that each of the vehicle cab roof moulds could be completed to a high standard before being checked and presented to the client.


The client took delivery of a number of expertly manufactured vehicle cab roof moulds. Each one was finalised to the highest possible specification, while using the latest available roof moulding production cell technology.

Our vacuum forming production cell was an integral component in the success of this contract. It enabled us to complete the moulds on schedule, whilst achieving all cost and quality targets.

This has most recently led to Bridgewood being awarded a contract on behalf of a global manufacturer of construction equipment, where the roof moulding production cell would be key to meeting their high volume, high quality, low cost requirements.


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