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    Global reach

    Bridgewood logistics team organise door to door freight movement, both nationally and internationally.

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    Tooling manufacture

    Utilising a combination of our in-house tool making facilities and our key external partners, Bridgewood are able to manufacture a range of tooling from the simplest, low cost prototype tool to complex semi-automated, CAD/ CAM machined tools.

    Craftsmanship & technology combined

    CAD CAM product design

    Bridgewood can interpret a range of design cues from a basic idea, bringing it to life, fully-functioning. We have a range of innovative solutions to meet a variety of needs for customers from different market areas.

    We combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology. 

    Our capabilities & processes

    Bridgewood manufacture tooling for all your vacuum forming , SRIM and PU moulding requirements. The vacuum forming process provides many advantages: giving customers the capability to create products in small production runs whilst maintaining an accurate duplication of the original at a relatively low unit cost.

    Benefits of working with us

    Bridgewood have over 30 years of experience of manufacturing tooling for vacuum forming, Polyurethane moulding and SRIM processes.

    We manufacture and provide jigs and fixtures for accurate trimming, assembly and inspection of all parts.

    We ensure that parts conform to the original specification through a thorough first off tool inspection and verification procedure facilitated by:

    • FMEA procedures.
    • APQP procedures.
    • 3 Axis coordinate measuring machine validation.
    • ISIR reports.



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