Bridgewood have developed a unique design of growing tray for an international supplier of vertical growing systems.

Vertical farming is one of the most innovative solutions for lowering the amount of energy, space, and water needed to grow food, the supplier of this unique system has taken the practice to a whole new level with their revolutionary new technology. The vertical farming system allows leafy green vegetables to be grown all year round in urban environments. By applying Henry Ford’s super-efficient assembly line concept to vertical hydroponic farming, they can produce the same amount of produce on a standard sized residential plot that most farmers would be able to grow on a 16-acre site. Their stacked, mechanized, produce-laden plastic trays are already creating a lot of interest.

Product design & manufacture

Bridgewood were asked to design & manufacture a product with the following properties:

  • A material that would be able to withstand the high UV environment of a hydroponic environment
  • Rigid & light construction
  • Light & highly reflective surface
  • Easily cleanable- stain resistant finish
  • Cost effective
  • Tightly controlled & accurate size / dimensions

Rapid build, on time & to budget

All this was achieved on time & to budget to fit in with a rapid build project in a North American location.

The system uses a suspended tray configuration on a moving conveyor system, providing exposure to artificial light with precisely measured nutrients. By growing vegetables in stacked rows, it uses far less space by growing upward rather than outward.

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